Help Your Practice Run Efficiently & Effectively


MMPMI provides timely and compassionate billing services by experienced billing specialists. We log and evaluate each claim before it is input into the billing phase. Claims are reviewed by Certified Professional Coders with over 35 years experience in multi-specialty coding. MMPMI also practices QA processes to prevent repeat denials. We provide comprehensive third party medical billing services, medical coding services, and practice management consultation services for clients nationwide making us knowledgeable on guidelines and policies for multiple states.


We have standard operating procedures (SOP) which include continual monitoring of current and outstanding A/R. We develop standardized processes to accommodate each provider for collection on self pay and indigent patients.


Our capabilities include the following for billing processes:


  • Log and review claims
  • Identification of insurance or other medical coverage
  • Billing entities, individuals, and third party payers for provider services
  • Submission of claim electronically and by HCFA 1500 if necessary
  • Processing of payments and accurate posting, tracking and
    management of payment information including electronic payments
  • Resolution of claim disputes and/or denials and performing
    follow-up services with insurance companies
  • Setup patient payment plans for outstanding accounts including self-pay & remaining balance not paid by insurance
  • Receipt and management of incoming mail upon request by Provider
  • Providing a toll free number for customer service for telephone inquiries
  • Provide financial and statistical reports
  • Provide statements to patients


We provide credentialing services for Medicare, Medicaid, and Third Party Payers. Each practice has its own significant group of insurance providers with which they wish to participate. MMPMI provides assistance on payer reimbursement so that the Provider can determine which carriers are pertinent to their practice’s financial success. Credentialing is an essential part to a Provider’s practice. If not correctly credentialed with insurance carriers reimbursement will be delayed. MMPMI has Credentialing Specialists with over 20 years of experience. Our specialists have performed credentialing for multiple insurance carriers in numerous states, which adds to the vast knowledge needed to efficiently complete this service.


Along with Medicare, Medicaid, and Third Party Payers we also help with State Licensure, DEA, State Control Substance, CAQH, NPPES, and Hospital Privilege credentialing. This is significant for the Provider that is starting a new solo practice, joining a group, or just re-newing their current status with these facilities.


Our team of experienced medical coders have more than 40 years’ combined coding experience in multi-specialty coding.  Each coder is provided the most up-to-date education yearly to ensure correct ICD-10 and CPT guidelines are met.  We also provide education to physicians on correct documentation to prevent audits and optimize reimbursement.  This area  drives new cash flow for the Provider without adding more patients.  Documentation is essential for proper reimbursement and to prevent audits from occurring.  Proper usage of modifiers can also add additional reimbursement if applied correctly.  We know what codes are bundled and what codes can actually be reimbursed together with proper modifier use.  These are all key components to having your practice generate maximum reimbursement while being compliant in all areas.


Our company utilizes one of the most up-to-date premium software solutions available. Both options, EMR or EPM, are available or you can choose whichever accommodates your practice needs. Some providers might find they only need billing services (EPM), as they have already established and put in place their EMR system.

We can help with the setup of EMR for those practices in need of a solution to be compliant with PQRS and Meaningful Use. Our EMR specialists are here to help with setting up the templates and training on how to use the system.

Our software can integrate both EMR and EPM for a practice to make for a smooth streamline office process from start to finish.


MMPMI offers any of the below consulting services a la carte so that each Providers specific needs can be met.  Those services include:

  • Credentialing
  • Billing
  • Medical Coding
  • Chart Auditing
  • Billing Audits
  • Practice Management Cycle